User Group

The MIM Team User Group is an online forum that is open to all people working with Microsoft Identity Management. We regularly host one-hour web conferences to discuss Microsoft Identity Management topics or view presentations by people doing great work in the industry.

How does it work?

The meetings are held on Skype for Business. An invitation with the link will be sent by email a few days before the meeting. It is recommended that you check your connectivity and sound equipment well in advance of the meeting.

How do I join?

Please send an email to to be added to the mailing list. Your email address will only be used to contact you about the MIM Team User Group meetings. It will not be used for marketing or passed on to any other parties.

How do I watch the recordings of previous meetings?

All meetings are recorded with presented content and sound. The recordings are available by clicking on link under “Minutes” for each previous meeting listed below.

Next Meeting

Topic:Next meeting announcement coming soon.

Past Meetings

June 2017Darren Robinson & Ryan NewingtonIntegration of Azure PaaS services with MIM via the Lithnet PowerShell Modules Presenter: Darren Robinson What’s in Lithnet tool set for developers, engineers, and end users Presenter: Ryan NewingtonLink
May 2017Kent Nordström & Jeff IngallsUsing Azure AD WebApps and other Azure resources with MIM by Kent Nordström, Session also features a custom MIM tool demonstration by Jeff IngallsLink
11 April 2017Ike UgochukuManaging Identity in Dynamics CRM 2016/365 with MIM 2016Link
9 Nov 2016Rob de JongAzureAD V2: Microsoft's releases and plans for PowerShell on Azure.Link
26 Oct 2016Carol Wapshere, Bob BradleyAlumni licensing in O365 when you have AADSync and want to disable the on-prem account & Managing O365 licenses: Identity Management approach.Link
18 May 2016David Steadman and Jeff IngallsMIM 2016 Handbook and CMMonitorLink
13 April 2016Bob BradleyDisaster AvoidanceLink
10 February 2016Jef Kazimer and Eugene SergeevThe MIM/FIMWAL Workflow Activity LibraryLink
18 November 2015Peter StapfMIM 2016 PAM moduleLink
14 October 2015Peter Stapf and Ike UgochukuCool Solutions: A two-Sync Service solution, and a Bulk Upload utilityLink
16 September 2015Shane Day and Alan SchmarrFIM Reporting with SPLUNKLink
19 August 2015Ryan NewingtonA new FIM clientLink
22 July 2015Doug StevensonWhy IAM solutions need Business AnalysisLink
24 June 2015Eihab IsaacExperiences with BHOLDLink
20 May 2015Sharon LaivandMIM 2016 Preview and ReportingLink
15 April 2015Using the FIM Portal as and Administrative ToolLink
18 March 2015David LundellHow does Identity Management Impact the Bottom LineLink
18 February 2015Ike UgochukuDynamic RCDC using jqueryLink
21 January 2015Bob BradleyFIM Event BrokerLink
19 November 2014Carol WapshereAll about dataLink
15 October 2014Craig MartinDesired State Configuration (DSC) for FIMLink
17 September 2014Ryan NewingtonBusiness Rules MALink
20 August 2014Open Source Custom Workflow LibraryLink
16 July 2014Tomasz OnyszkoRecent innovations at PredicaLink
14 June 2014Andy van den BiggelaarReporting - FIM vs custom alternativesLink
14 May 2014James Bannan and Maciej DrwiegaDiscussion Topic: FIM and System Center integrationLink
16 April 2014Andreas Kjellman (FIM Product Group)How to use the new Sync vNext Engine to onboard to AAD with a multi-forest AD on-prem environmentLink
19 March 2014Best-Practices for declarative and “less-code” FIM solutionsLink
19 February 2014Henry Schleichardt and Carol WapshereAuto-document your FIM Portal SolutionLink
22 January 2014Bob BradleyReplay your FIM MALink
11 December 2013Paul AdareCLM and Virtual SmartcardsLink
13 November 2013David LundellImpact of deprecated featuresLink
16 October 2013Craig MartinIntroduction to FIM Workflow Programming with PowerShellLink
18 September 2013Eihab IsaacCustom UI Extensions to the FIM PortalLink
21 August 2013Rob AllenFIMMobile - mobile app for FIM approval, groups and password resetLink
13 July 2013An introduction to the PowerShell MALink
12 June 2013Carol WapshereIntroductions, how the meetings will work, getting-to-know-you pollsLink

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