MIM Team User Group Update

The MIM Team™ User Group is an online forum that is open to all people working in Microsoft® Identity Management. Interested individuals can join the user group by visiting the

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MIM Team User Group Update

Recently, The MIM Team User Group has been on hiatus, as we considered the future of the group. It requires an amount of energy and effort to keep the group running, and we thought that the User Group would be better served by extended the scope. As such, we are now discussing all things Microsoft Identity related. This allows the group to use its core skills with MIM 2016 to keep up with new technologies as released by Microsoft. We feel this is in line with Microsoft’s competencies, which has moved the Identity competencies inside the Mobility competency. We encourage every member of the group to consider future topics for discussion, which may be Azure AD Connect, Azure AD, Azure AD B2C or B2B, or anything else related to Microsoft Identity.


Next Meeting: Oct 2016 (Join the user group for a meeting invite)
This meeting is planned for Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 20:00 UTC. See when this is in your local time.
This session will be presented by MVPs Bob Bradley and Carol Wapshere.

Meeting Topics:


Managing O365 licenses: Identity Management approach. Presented by MVP Bob Bradley
Scripting can provide some automation, but see how to take this to the next level with an Identity Management approach, and realize the benefits.

More info about this topic from Bob:

Microsoft has been investing in a concept of Group Based Licensing (GBL) since 2014 ( While you will hear more about this in the future when it is extended to allow Azure dynamic or static (fixed) group membership to determine licensing across the full O365 suite, right now this is not possible.  However, in the interim we can automate license assignment based on on-premises group membership, using a MIM synchronisation approach which translates this membership into an “assignedLicenses” collection which is managed per user via an Azure REST API.  By leveraging OOTB AADConnect user and group synchronisation, we can ensure that by the time GBL is GA we can easily switch over by leveraging the same group membership in Azure.


Alumni licensing in O365 when you have AADSync and want to disable the on-prem account. Presented by MVP Carol Wapshere.

More info about this topic from Carol:

Describes a solution implemented to accommodate on-going alumni accounts in Office 365, after the on-prem AD account has been disabled. As AADConnect was used to create the account and manage the student account, part of transitioning to Alumni involves converting the Office 365 to a cloud-managed account.


*NEW* Identity and Access Community:
We are proud to announce the launch of a new online community that is aimed at supporting the Identity and Access Industry and providing a platform for industry discussions and thought leadership.
Some of the first posts on the community have been contributed by two MVPs, Bob Bradley and Carol Wapshere.
As an industry community, you are encouraged to contribute to discussions through sharing, commenting or submitting a guest post to the community.
Visit the Identity and Access Community at You can also connect with the community on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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